Felisept Home Comfort Diffuser Starter Set

Felisept Home Comfort helps to reduce unwanted behaviors in cats caused by environmental changes and emotional stress, such as urine marking, irritability, and excessive meowing. Made from an extract of the nepeta cataria plant (also known as "catmint" or "catnip"), the pheromone-free formula helps create a relaxed, feel-good atmosphere to naturally reduce your cat's stress and anxiety.

Veterinary clinical studies have shown that the ingredients in Felisept Home Comfort can begin to decrease the frequency of stress-related behaviors in just a few days, and becomes more effective over time.

  • Made with an extract of nepeta cataria, the "catnip" plant
  • Pheromone-free formula helps naturally reduce stress
  • Most cats show improvement in as little as 2 days
  • Covers an area of approximately 500 square feet
  • Lasts approximately 30 days with continuous use
Item Number Size
01000 1.52 oz (45mL)

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