Felisept Home Comfort Calming Spray

Fast-Acting Best Behavior Formula!!

Cats are naturally solitary and territorial animals. To them, everything in the home is their territory, from the rooms and furniture, to the other animals and people who share it. When there is a change to this territory, the very normal and protective reaction is stress, but discomfort from prolonged or frequent stress can cause cats to exhibit unwelcome behavior and affect harmony in the home. The most common cause of stress in cats comes from territorial conflicts with other household residents. This could be the arrival of a new cat or child, or any unfamiliar human or animal. Stress can also result from changes within a cat’s physical environment, like new or rearranged furniture, or moving to a new home. Even loud noises from thunderstorms or fireworks can create tension for cats and lead to unwanted behavior.

  • Signs of stress in cats may include:
  • urinating on furniture or other objects
  • reacting with violence (biting, scratching)
  • frequent meowing combined with loss of appetite
  • hypersensitivity or irritability
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01004 3.38 fl oz(100 mL)

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