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Felisept on Talkin' Pets Radio 4/28

Attention all cat households: tune in to Talkin' Pets Radio this Saturday April 28th at 5pm to learn about Felisept Home Comfort products and maybe get a chance to try it out in your own home!

Dr. Thomas Edling, DVM will talk with Talkin' Pets host Jon Patch about how exactly Felisept helps relieve stress in household cats and prevent the many unwanted behaviors that cats can express when discomforted by sudden changes to their environment.

Whether your cat is acting up over the new couch you just bought or you're dreading the upcoming annual trip to the V-E-T that stresses you both out, be sure to tune in this Saturday to hear how Felisept can help bring harmony back to your home.

About Felisept:

Often caused by vet visits, other pets, new furniture, or other common environmental changes, a cat’s reaction to stress can affect all human and animal members of the household, and can even be physically damaging to the home and furniture.

Signs of stress in cats often include scratching, lashing out at other animals or people, persistent meowing, spraying, or even going outside of the litter box. 

Unlike many other calming products marketed for cats, Felisept uses an extract of Nepeta cataria—commonly known as catnip or catmint—in its approach to helping cat households. Designed to reduce stress-related behaviors, it naturally soothes and calms distressed felines without the use of man-made chemical pheromones.

Ultimately, Felisept offers relief for the whole family: for cats, relief from feeling stressed or anxious, and for their parents, relief from the resulting behaviors that can be destructive and disrupt household harmony.