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Egg Food Supplements

Just like humans, birds enjoy variety in their diet. Think about it: no matter how high quality and delicious the meal is, you probably wouldn’t want to eat the same dish every single night for dinner. There are many ways to get more variety into your bird’s diet, depending on the type of bird and its personal likes and dislikes, including fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, and treats, just to name a few. 

Another fantastic way to add variety that is full of nutrients and most birds are sure to enjoy is egg food.

Though called “food,” egg food is a supplement source of nutrition for birds that is not intended to replace a regular diet. Whether your bird gets a seed and pellet blend or an all-pellet diet, egg food is an ideal supplement for providing him with extra protein and vitamins that are important for his overall health. 

Birds will readily go for the egg food before anything else because they love it. Now how lucky is that? It’s not easy to come by a product you love that is actually good for you too! Because of this, it’s a great way to serve up any medication that your bird might be prescribed in the event of illness. Like masking cough syrup with bubble gum flavor, egg food can make it easy and painless to get an ill bird to take the medicine he needs.

The versatility of egg food makes it easy to quickly serve or fun if you want to get more creative with it. You can serve it as a dry crumble right out of the bag, stir in a little water or juice to make a moist crumble, or add some chopped fresh fruit, veggies, or sprouts for even greater variety. And since Quiko Egg Foods are made with pure honey and without the use of oils, a large batch can be made at once and refrigerated for up to 1 week. 

Give Quiko Classic Egg Food a try and let us know what your bird thinks!

Quiko Egg Foods