Vitakraft Mini-Pop Small Animal Treat

Nutritious and fun corn cob treat that can be offered as is, or popped in the microwave into tasty popcorn. Mini-Pop is a favorite foraging treat for many small animal companions. Served unpopped, for a crunchy texture that helps wear and clean constantly growing teeth; or popped, for the kernels' soft, natural nutrition that helps keep companions healthy and full of energy.

  • 100% real corn cob treat
  • Contains natural minerals and essential nutrients
  • Serve unpopped or popped in the microwave
  • Contains three cobs, each approximately 4" long
Item Number Size
05123325108 3 cobs (6 oz)

Ideal for your:
Chinchilla Degu Gerbil Guinea Pig Hamster Mouse Rabbit Rat

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