Vitakraft VitaSmart Cockatiel & Lovebird Food

Daily cockatiel and lovebird diet fortified with key vitamins and nutrients to help maintain health and wellness. VitaSmart® Cockatiel & Lovebird Food is made with a blend of delicious, high diversity ingredients that offer quality nutrition and encourage foraging behavior. Grains, seeds, fortified pellets, and vegetables provide the basis for this diet that is specifically formulated to keep feathered companions healthy and satisfied. 

  • Extra calcium supports beak and bone development
  • Natural oils, omega fatty acids, flax seeds, and other oil seeds support healthy skin and glossy feathers
  • Species-specific formula made with top quality ingredients for excellent digestibility
  • Made in the USA
Item Number Size
05123334492 4 lb

Ideal for your:
Cockatiel Lovebird

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