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7 Ways to Help Pets Affected by Hurricane Harvey

In the wake of the destruction caused by Hurricane Harvey, thousands of families across areas of Texas and Louisiana now find themselves without the very basic necessities. Not only people, but pets have been greatly impacted too, and many local shelters and organizations now need support in order to rescue and care for them throughout the devastation. 

With the situation worsening, we have joined together with many other pet companies and organizations to help provide much needed supplies and resources, but there is much more than can be done to help. Here are a few ways that you can help the animals and shelters whether you live near the affected regions or way across the country:

1. Donate

Monetary donations are the best way you can help the animals and people affected by Hurricane Harvey right now. While pet food and supply donations are appreciated, money donations allows the rescue and relief volunteers caring for the thousands of affected pets to purchase exactly what they need as they need it. 

There are many organizations that you can donate to, including larger pet-focused organizations like the SPCA of Texas, smaller and lesser-known shelters and animal-specific rescue organizations from across the region like Habitat for Horses, and organizations currently supporting both pets and people with shelter and supplies like City of San Antonio Animal Care Services

2. Volunteer

Volunteers are needed for many important tasks right now. You can volunteer to help organizations like the San Antonio Humane Society with general care for misplaced pets, or aid Houston Pets Alive! with transporting animals displaced by Hurricane Harvey. Contact shelters and organizations to find out their specific volunteer needs and how you can lend a hand. 

3. Foster a Pet

If you’re able welcome a pet into your home for a few weeks to a few months, consider fostering. With organizations like San Antonio Pets Alive! and Dallas Pets Alive! suddenly more overrun with pets than usual, there is a greater need for loving foster families to take on a pet until it is reunited with its owners or adopted.

4. Adopt a Pet

Have you been thinking about adding on to your family? While ANY time is great for adopting a new pet, there’s no time like right now. Adopting a pet that was housed at a shelter before the storm will help make room for the many animals rescued since the hurricane and flooding.

Local shelters are always a wonderful place to look whenever considering a new pet. Most shelters will take in any animal in need, from dogs and chinchillas, to parakeets and horses. The Shelter Pet Project or a quick call to your local animal shelters are both great ways to get started.

5. Open up your home to families with pets fleeing the flooding

Airbnb has set up a page where you can offer the extra bedrooms in your home or summer cottage to people misplaced by the storm for free, with all service charges on the site waived through the month of September. It may be harder for people with pets to find temporary shelter together, so any space willing to house both human and animal guests is likely greatly appreciated!

6. Fundraise

Encourage your friends and family to help by starting a Facebook Fundraiser, like these for the Humane Society of the United States, or by adding a donate button to your Facebook posts.

7. Spread the Word

Share the stories and photos posted on social media by the organizations listed in this post or any others involved in the hurricane relief efforts. Your friends and social network may be ready and willing to donate, volunteer, or foster, but just haven’t taken the steps to do so yet. You can find many animal non-profits and organizations on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. 

**Please note that this is not an exclusive list or an endorsement of any specific charity organization listed here. There are many other charities in addition to those listed here that are currently in need of your help.