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Keep Your Bird Warm This Winter

The cold season is officially upon us. Unless you live in a climate where it’s relatively warm year-round, the next few months will call for cranking up the heat, lots of blankets, and dressing in layers to keep yourself warm throughout the day and night.

Since your bird stays at home and probably does not have to venture out in the elements, she is probably all set for this winter season, as long as her cage is located in a room of your house that doesn’t experience extremes of heat or cold. 

But if you see her fluffing up her feathers to tell you that she’s a bit chilly, here are some ways you can offer a bit of additional warmth without having to track down a bird-sized sweater:

  • Heated perches – these specially heated perches attach to the side of the cage and warms to a bird’s natural body temperature, keeping them warm through their feet
  • Heat pad – a cage-mounted heater allows your bird can get as close as she wants, even snuggle right up to it, depending on how cold she is
  • Hanging hideaways – generally made of fleece or plush, these hang inside the cage as a soft place to climb in for warmth, sleep, or a bit of privacy
  • Heat lamps – a heat lamp placed outside of the cage can also be an efficient source of warmth (check with your veterinarian on how long to leave on, how close to place near the cage, and to rule out illness as a cause of your bird’s distress instead of the cold temps)