Sunseed AnimaLovens Happy Hearts with Strawberry & Banana

Oven-baked, natural fruit treats with a hard crunchy texture that help with small animals' tooth conditioning. AnimaLovens® Happy Hearts with Strawberry & Banana are baked for that ideal texture your pet loves and needs to gnaw to maintain strong, healthy teeth. The combination of real fruit and whole grain ingredients make them both delicious and nutritious. 

Add some variety into your pet's diet: try all 6 AnimalLovens flavors!

  • Tasty hearts made with real strawberries and bananas
  • Crunchy texture is great for chewing and supports small animals' dental health
  • Natural and GMO-free
Item Number Size
36118 4 oz

Ideal for your:
Guinea Pig Hamster Mouse Rabbit Rat

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