Sunseed Natural Corn Cob Bedding

Natural Corn Cob Bedding is an eco-friendly, ultra-absorbent bedding and litter solution for small animals and birds.

  • Made from 100% USA-grown corn cob
  • Biodegradable for a smaller environmental footprint
  • No artificial dyes or additives
  • Can be used as both small animal bedding and bird litter
Item Number Size
35820 - NEW! 350 cu in
18325 1 cu ft
18350 2 cu ft

Ideal for your:
Canary Chinchilla Cockatiel Cockatoo Conure Degu Dove Ferret Finch Gerbil Guinea Pig Hamster Hedgehog Lory Lovebird Macaw Mouse Parakeet Parrot Pigeon Rabbit Rat Sugar Glider

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