Sunseed SunBasics Guinea Pig Food

An alfalfa hay-based diet made in the USA and fortified with all the basic, essential vitamins guinea pigs need throughout each life stage. All-pellet diets like SunBasics™ help to prevent selective eating from small animals. This formula is made with alfalfa hay, a good source of fiber and calcium, and is designed to meet your guinea pig's nutritional needs at any age.

  • All-pellet diet (prevents selective eating)
  • Specifically formulated for guinea pigs with extra Vitamin C
  • Made with alfalfa hay, a natural grass hay high in both fiber and calcium
  • Fortified with vitamins and minerals all guinea pigs need
  • Made in the USA
Item Number Size
13806 6 lb
13039 25 lb (bulk)

Ideal for your:
Guinea Pig

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