Sunseed Vita Prima Pine Cone Natural Treat

Hours of natural and nutritious foraging fun for parrots, conures, and all other hookbills. Seeds, nuts, and veggies are baked deep into the cracks and crevices of a real pine cone, to provide a challenging and healthy means to satisfy your bird’s natural foraging instincts and simulating preening. Sunseed® Vita Prima™ Pine Cone Treat also serves as a diversion and natural pacifier, redirecting anxious energy and calming those frustrating urges that feather plucking birds may experience.

  • 2-in-one toy and treat
  • Natural pacifier for feather plucking birds
  • Filled with real seeds, nuts, and veggies
  • Stimulates foraging behavior to keep birds active
Item Number Size
13201 1 pine cone (5 oz)

Ideal for your:
Cockatoo Conure Macaw Parrot

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