The Scoop

Sunseed Fresh World Bedding Multi-Pet Formula

Unbeatable 14-Day Odor Control

Yep, that’s right: 14-day odor control. Our special Heavy Duty Odor Control formula takes on even the biggest odors from your small pets, neutralizing ammonia odors to keep their home (and yours) pleasant for much longer. Great for multi-pet homes!

Ultra-Absorbent 3X Expansion

Crumbles can expand three times their weight to absorb moisture, keeping your pet and their habitat dry and healthy.

Virtually Dust Free

Our bedding goes through a unique, multi-step process to make it 99.5% dust-free, so you and your pet can breathe easy.

Environmentally Friendly

Made in the United States from 100% recycled paper, Fresh World Bedding is good for you, your pet, AND the environment.

Super Soft & Cozy

Ultra-soft paper crumbles are a perfect material for small animal habitats, allowing your pet to nest and burrow through their bedding in total comfort.

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