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AnimaLovens: The Ultimate Small Animal Treats

Yes, there’s actually a reason we call them AnimaLovens.

With a crunchy, oven-baked texture perfect for your small animal companion’s second favorite activity of chewing (only second to eating, of course), and all the real fruit, vegetable, and whole grain ingredients they’re made of, your pet is going to LOVE AnimaLovens.

With their natural, wholesome ingredients and seeing how much your pet enjoys them, you might just end up loving them almost as much as he does.

Designed for rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, and hamsters, AnimaLovens is our latest line of quality treats for small animals. Each of the six varieties is a different flavor and unique fun shape that will pique your pet’s interest, just for the short time that it takes him to quickly devour it.

Already a fan of these scrumptious treats? Check out the latest variety to join the AnimaLovens family: Happy Hearts with Strawberry & Banana. The varieties include: Garden Wafers, Pretzel Sticks, Apple Strudels, Garden Patch, and Cookies Cranberry-Orange.